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Is this YOU?

  • Feel uncomfortable revealing your deepest feelings to your girlfriends for fear of being judged or get told to “Get over it”.

  • Read enough self help books to have a wealth of knowledge to coach others yet still feel that something is missing.

  • You are already confident, want to have someone whom you can trust to go on the journey with.

  • You are confident on the outside, somehow not too sure on the inside.

  • Tired of living in the shadow of your partner/ husband/ ex and want a break through.

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Who is Carol Gockel?

Founder of C Transformations

Helping clients like you to find your voice back, reclaim your identity and redefine your boundaries.

Value adding to women's lives since 2013 with my Confident Lady blueprint.

I have been through a bad marriage to a miserable man for 13 years.

Was confined and suffocated in the shadow and hands of my ex-husband.

Went through plastic surgery in a bit to feel confident but ended up hating myself more.

I've found myself, fell in love, got married the second time round and blessed with 2 children since. Wrote a book with World's #1 motivational speaker Les Brown. I am here to walk you through your new life with confidence. Let's bring your power back sister!

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"One of the best... Looking forward to more sessions of learning, executing what's learned and reaping!"


"...really had an impact on me and my current outlook... I've the feeling about myself worth uncovering "


"Carol knows what its like to hold different roles and the challenges we faced as women everyday... using her trained professional image and coaching skills to support women's success is her drive and passion in life."

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